Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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Established in 2008.

Fireman Roofing in Arlington TX was established in 2008 by Alex Lopez, veteran firefighter and paramedic with the Carrollton Fire Department in Carrollton, TX. Because firefighters work long shifts, but also have long periods of time off between shifts, Alex decided to start the Fireman Roofing company.

Soon after the company started, several other firemen joined with Alex, along with a few close friends and family, to help run the day-to-day business when he was on shift. The company has purposely been kept small because it uses the Fireman name.

Alex knows that his name stands behind every job and he’s extremely selective about who he works with on every roofing and construction project. His philosophy is that you should be able to trust your roofer and your roofer should be able to trust you, too.


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