Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Michael Straumietis, Big Mike Straumietis, Advanced Nutrients"


Advanced Nutrients is the #1 medical marijuana fertilizer and supplement company in the world—operating in 92 countries. Since its inception, Advanced Nutrients has brought over 50 firsts to the world of cannabis growing, including …

• Invented Beneficial Bacteria & Fungus food for hydroponics use.
• First and still the only hydroponics company to have an all-out “real” PhD Staffed Cannabis research team.
• First Hydroponics Nutrients Company to Write & Publish White Papers on Cannabis and Hydroponics.
• Invented pH Perfect technology, hydroponics only pH self adjusting pH line of base nutrients and supplements so you won’t have to balance or adjust your nutrients’ pH ever again.
• First to invent and use beneficial microbes to balance and maintain pH.

Big Mike Straumietis


from My IM Place Syndicator

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